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Basic Hypnosis Course if you have ever wanted to learn about hypnosis how it works and or to be a Hypnotist you can! Houghton lake Hypnosis training center will teach you. With courses in both basis hypnosis and advanced hypnosis. Each course comes with a certificate of completion. You will learn about the history of hypnosis as well as its modern uses .In the introduction to hypnosis you will learn techniques that cover basic Hypnotic inductions, how to take someone into a hypnotic state, and how to safely bring them out of a hypnotic state. You will also learn about hypnotic suggestions and post hypnotic suggestions . We will also cover safety in hypnosis as well as definitions of hypnotic key words. You will also learn how to construct your own basic Hypnosis scripts. This course is 36 hours of training which covers 4 days. The course will be $ 250 dollars per person.


Advanced hypnosis; In advanced hypnosis you will further your training. As we cover advanced hypnosis script writing. We will also cover rapid hypnotic inductions. You will also learn about the total mind model. We also cover advanced post hypnotic suggestions as well as how to build instant report with your volunteers. We will also cover safety in advanced hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion. This is a 36-hour course that covers 4 days with a certificate of completion from Houghton lake Hypnosis training center.

Course is $ 250 dollars per person. 


Street Hypnosis : Once you have completed both basic hypnosis and advanced hypnosis you will be eligible to learn street hypnosis .This fun course covers everything you need to now to become a successful street hypnotist from putting together a routine to filming and promoting your brand as a street hypnotist as well as the five best instant hypnotic inductions hypnotist you volunteer in under 10 seconds . 

Houghton lake hypnosis training center courses start in the fall and run consecutively through the winter; this is a course of 24 hours with a certificate  of completion. 

this course is $ 175 dollars per person 


All courses are taught by Daniel Jamison International Speaker & certified Clinical Medical Hypnotherapist and Master stage & street hypnotist . Dan is also a member of the Professional Guild of Hypnotist as well as the American Psychological Association .  


Basic introduction to Hypnosis


10 AM - to 5PM

Houghton lake Hypnosis therapy training center 11927 Ivy road Roscommon MI 48653

Basic introduction to Hypnosis


Basic Introductions start Oct 5th and run to Oct 26th  starting at 10 am and ending at 5pm  with  break for lunch.  

10 AM - to 5PM

Houghton lake Hypnosis therapy training center 11927 Ivy road Roscommon MI 48653


Basic introduction to hypnosis

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