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My name is Dan Goyette. Currently, a Level 3 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am experienced & excited to help you implement the changes needed to overcome whatever it is that is standing between you and the best life you can live!

I have found that all of my clients benefit from hypnosis, each in their own unique way. Those individuals that approach hypnotherapy with an open mind benefit the most. Others who come to see me do so only because other methods of change or treatment did not produce the outcomes they desired; thus I am their last resort. Regardless of how a client has come to seek out Hypnotherapy, they all have one thing in common, hypnotherapy heals & they get the results they were looking for!

Stop waiting – Take a chance & Make a change! Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions are by appointment only. Sessions are conducted in our private, comfortable office setting, here at our office in beautiful Houghton Lake, Michigan. Skype Sessions Also Available.

I would love to talk about #hypnosis can help you!

Call Today! (989) 965-0553 -or- Email: houghtonlakehypnosis@yahoo.com